Saturday, 28 August 2010

Law and Polite Reception by Islamic Law

Law and polite reception by Islamic Law
Implementation of a wedding reception (walimatul 'Urs) was held after the marriage ceremony sunnah and the bride had to have sex but only with simple shapes. Not allowed in a manner that impressed highlight excessive or arrogance.
Law attended the reception which is compulsory although it was invited to perform religious fasting. But there are also said there sunnah.But requirements that must be met, for example:
1. Not present people who will hurt the person who will be present at the party.
2. Nothing matters munkar party site (hated by the Islamic Syari'ah, such as stretch silk fabric held in place a party, etc.).
3. There are no pictures of animals that adorned the walls of the party.
4. None the crush between men and women who are not strange.
5. Do not close the door to where the banquet feast.
6. Distancing leads the party faces

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